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Treatment Techniques

Passive positional release (PPR)

This is not an energetic technique as such, although it can be done energetically with intention. The basic technique is manual. It is, however, a gentle, non-invasive bodywork technique and one of the few standard techniques that I do still use simply because it is gentle and effective.

A technique which releases by passively positioning a contracted muscle. Also called counter-strain. Originated by Lawrence Jones, D.O.

  1. Palpate for tender points by pressing into tissue. (more advanced levels teach specific points that correspond to specific joints)
  2. Move the client passively to a position that completely reduces the pain. This is usually the shortened position of the muscle that you are palpating. You will need to communicate with your client to make sure you have reached a point of no pain.
  3. Maintain the position and the compression for 60-90 seconds. (there is some disagreement as to the actual needed time to reset the proprioceptors). When learning the technique it is probably better to hold the point closer to the 90 second time. Rib points are held a minimum of two minutes.
  4. Return the client slowly to a neutral position and reassess.

Note: hypermobile joints and acute joint inflammation are contraindicated

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