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Language, Beliefs, and Mind-Sets

Indigos and Crystals

My understanding about Indigos from what I have read on the subject is that they started arriving in large numbers in the early 80's. Most, not all but most, children born from the mid-80's on are either Indigos or Crystals. The Crystals started arriving in the late 90's. So, for about 15-20 years it was mostly Indigos. For the last 5-10 it has been mostly Crystals. The role of the Indigos is to break-down the existing paradigms that stand in the way of transformation. The role of the Crystals will be to build a new path. Where the Indigos tend to be disruptive, the Crystals are far calmer. Where the Indigos might be considered the warrior class, the Crystals are the peace makers. If you have two or more children who fall into these different age groups, compare their personalities and behavior patterns.

The biggest single "challenge" facing the Indigos is a total lack of understanding or comprehension on the part of the adults in their lives. This lack of understanding impacts the Indigos (and Crystals) in three primary ways. The first two have to do with their "abilities." I consider myself to be reasonably competent at what I do <G>, but some of the things I have seen the kids do flat blows ME away.

They can only take being told so many times that they are just imagining things, or it is all in their head, or they are making things up, or whatever, before they shut themselves down and close those abilities off. I have lost count now of the number of times I have been told "I used to be able to do this, or that or ..." with the operative words being "used to." Getting shut down by being put down is one challenge. I am working with a handful via the internet now, trying to help them regain what they gave up when younger.

Directly related to the abilities issue is that some of it can be downright scary, regardless of your age. The kids have no frame of reference and the adults in their lives lack understanding, so there is no support for the kids when they need it the most.

For both of these first two issues, I try to encourage the parents to understand that what their kids are experiencing IS real, to encourage, support and nurture them, not to shut them down. One of the reasons I want to work more directly with as many as I can is to see if I can give them some frame of reference, especially when it comes to using their hands to heal. Three of our planned stops this summer will largely be for that reason - Indigos or Crystals at home. Can you even begin to imagine how satisfying it is to spend two or three or four hours in someone's home, working with a mother and daughter, and knowing when you leave that the 8 or 10 or 12 year old child will be able to use her hands to take away the mother's debilitating pain?

The third challenge is far more serious. Consider the timing on arrival in large quantities for Indigos. Compare that to when ADD and ADHD exploded on the scene. So there is no chance of anyone missing this next point, let me emphasize it: ADD/ADHD ARE NOT DISEASES! The are not diseases. They are not illnesses. They are a behavioral issue. And that behavior is part and parcel of the fact that the kids ARE Indigos, stepping into the roles they are here to play. When you consider that a key function of their role is to break-down the status quo, it is easy to realize that those with investments in the status quo will be a tad uncomfortable around them. It will also be easy to realize that those with the investments also hold the power over the kids and are not going to just sit back and ignore what is happening.

And they aren't. They are drugging the kids mindless with pure poison like Ritalin and a raft of other antipsychotic meds. And again so there no chance of missing what I am about to say: STOP KILLING OUR KIDS! We/society/parents/adults/whatever are ALL responsible if we just sit on the sidelines and do nothing to stop this sheer insanity. THE INDIGOS ARE HERE FOR A REASON. We start by shutting them down. We stifle them from playing the role that they KNOW they are here to play. So they rebel. In rebelling, we deem them disruptive. And since the only way the system allows for prescriptions of "medicines" is to define something as a disease or illness, the system creates a sham disease called ADD. And a whole generation (except for the fortunate ones whose parents say no) gets drugged into oblivion. This cycle HAS TO STOP.

It has to stop because it is wrong. It has to stop because it is ruining lives. It has to stop because humanity NEEDS the Indigos and the roles they are here to fulfill.

Humanity is on the cusp of a transformation. There are cycles of change and we are nearing the end of one and the start of another. There is also something called the "root races of man" that tie in with those cycles.

I said earlier that the way things HAVE BEEN taught was the way they HAD TO BE taught but it is now time to change things. Now I am going to tell why I said it. For literally thousands of years, humanity has been what is called the seventh root race. The written traditions of TCM go back at least 5000 years. The Vedic traditions in India go back at least 100,000. (At such time as anyone can logically and adequately explain to me how a bunch of knuckle dragging grass eaters created monuments and megalithic structures that our best engineers today can't duplicate, I MIGHT consider that civilization as we know it today is the highest and best that ever was. Or not. On a side-note, expect some major break-throughs in this area within the next couple of years thanks to some marine archaeology currently being done off the coast of India.)

At any rate, it all has to do with vibratory rates. Things needed to be done and taught they way they have for these last umpteen thousands of years because that was what was necessary for the vibratory rates of the seventh root race. The Indigos represent the eighth root race. Do some checking some time about some of the studies that have been done involving Indigo DNA. They are not widely published, probably because they make for fascinating reading. They have significant differences in their DNA. But where the seventh root race lasted thousands of years, the 8th will be in the generations. I say generations because Indigos have actually been coming in for much longer than the early 80s, just not in large numbers. The early arrivals were the trail breakers. I suspect that most of us on this list who are in our 50s or 60s are also probably Indigos whether we know it or not. I also say generations because the Crystals are different from the Indigos in another, very significant way. The Crystals are the ninth root race. You can't force-send energy to Indigos or Crystals because their vibratory rates won't permit it.

All of the Mystery School and Metaphysical teachings, as well as many of the readings by Edgar Cayce, speak of a time long past when a major conflict took place. It was a clash between adherents of the material and those of the spiritual outlooks. Where we, humanity, are at today is where we were then. The transformation that is spoken of so widely today is basically the transformation that SHOULD have occurred earlier, taking everyone to a higher level. Unfortunately, the wrong side won. Civilization and the human race itself got pounded into the sand as a result and humanity has been pulling itself back up by its bootstraps ever since.

Those who were active then (from both sides) are reentering today in large numbers. The issues in play then are the same issues in play today. In one sense, the entire human race is engaged in a massive war, right now. I do not mean in Iraq or Afghanistan, nor a war fought with bombs and bullets. I am talking about a spiritual war for the hearts and souls of mankind. (And I do NOT mean this in any specific religious context). The war is a rehash of what happened before. The main battlefields, however are the Halls of Science and Conventional Western Medicine.

The main reason that science and western medicine still reject things like meridians, acupoints and chakras is what acceptance of those principles would do to their existing paradigms. There is no dispute as to the reality of human energy fields, nor has there been for at least 50 years. The dispute has to do with the underlying meaning of words like Chi, Ki and Prana: specifically, that these terms represent the "life force" in the body. It is a place where they are not mentally prepared to go. I am absolutely convinced that the work "we" do will play a vital, crucial role in the outcome of this war. It is a war that we as a race simply cannot afford to lose again.

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