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Energy Medicine – Eastern and Western Perspectives

Energy Medicine Definitions

So, what is “energy medicine?” Or perhaps more appropriately, what is “energy” in the context of Energy Medicine? “Energy” can be defined from two perspectives: Internal and External.

Internal Energy

Internal energy relates to the body’s internal energetic systems and components: meridians, acupoints, chakras, visceral organ motility, Craniosacral rhythm, lymphatic rhythm, heart and brain electrical fields, etc. Internal works with the Meridians, Acupoints, Chakras, Transverse Spirals, Motor Spirals, etc. Some examples of modalities would be Acupuncture, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Polarity, and Reflexology. There is also kind of an "interface" with things like Craniosacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, and Visceral Manipulation. There are physical "manipulations" involved with these modalities and techniques, but there are also energetic aspects in working with intrinsic rhythms and waves given off by these systems. The distinction is that internal energy fields are self generating and as much a part of WHAT we are as our respiration or heart rates and pulses. They are an inherent part of what makes "us" us. These fields are much easier for the scientific mind-set to grasp (not always willingly, but at least conceptually).

External Energy

External relates to energy sourced outside of the body being worked on, such as sky energy, earth energy, channeled energy, etc, etc. Some modalities using these would be Reiki or Therapeutic Touch. It is ironic that these, which should be the MOST difficult for the scientifically minded skeptics to accept are in fact the two most commonly used "alternative" modalities in hospital settings. On the other hand, if considered logically, there should be no major mental hang-up with accepting at least the potential for external energies. Think about the radiant energies given off by the sun, or cosmic rays, or the Schumann Resonance of the earth's magnetic field.

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