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About the DVDs

We have the DVDs and CDs in the first place simply because of the many repeated requests from people I have worked with that we produce them and make them available.

I charge for them because it costs to produce them and I do not have the personal financial resources that would allow me to simply give them away free to any and all who would ask. The other reason is that net proceeds from sales are intended to help fund three disability support groups we work with through a percentage split on sales, as well as help defray the costs of our research road trips.

All written material contained within the CD, however, is also available at no charge in the Writings section of the web site for those unable to afford the CD. The CD has it all in one convenient location. The free section requires browsing and copying on your own.

As with my treatment sessions, any donations to access and copy the free written materials is strictly voluntary. The Order page allows for voluntary donations via PayPal. And while donations would certainly be appreciated, they are by no means required. The only thing I really request of people who freely copy from the written materials sections is that if they find the information valuable, to pass my website link on to at least one other person or group.

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Ohio Healing Conference DVDs

A four day conference was conducted in November 2005. Hosted by Pam Moffat and Mary Joseph at their home in Springboro, Ohio, assisted by Cindy Clark from Detroit, Michigan, and Videotaped by Darlene Uggen, Mike Uggen facilitated four days of lecture, hands-on demonstrations, and individual treatment sessions.

The DVD set has three DVDs running 1 hour 24 minutes, 1 hour 27 minutes, and 1 hour 44 minutes, for a total of 4 hours and 35 minutes.

Disc one is primarily lecture and question/answer format, with demonstrations. Topics include The Scientific Basis for Energy Medicine, Internal Energy (Meridian Structure, Chakra Structure, Prana, Ki, and Chi), External Energy, Human Energy Fields, Frequencies and Vibrations, Body Rhythms, Fascia, Entrainment and Brain Waves, GDV Testing, Belief Systems and their relevance to working energetically.

Discs two and three are of the two days of hands-on sessions with heavy emphasis on practical applications. Some of the applications and techniques covered include the Spinal Snake, Rib Head Release, Short Leg Syndrome (PSOAS), Acid Reflux, Sciatica, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Trigger Points, Headaches, Constipation, Nausea and Motion Sickness, Plantar Fascitis, and Breathing Problems.

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Companion CD

The companion CD is a compilation of written materials prepared for the Ohio Conference and then edited and revised for use as handouts in the Applied Energy Work for Self-Treatment Class. Additional materials have subsequently been added to the CD. The table of contents is listed below.


Energy Medicine – Eastern And Western Perspectives

Language, Beliefs, And Mind-Sets

Types Of Bodywork/Modalities

Treatment Work

Treatment Work - Conditions

Treatment Techniques


Muscle Reference Information

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